New PopToo Version 1.1.4 is coming!

For unknown reason, PopToo’s latest Version 1.1.4 seems to be still In Review state longer than expected. Even the first submission didn’t take this long being In Review state. I hope there is good reason like preparing the Apple Event on March 2nd. We are so excited and expecting great new feature from iPad!

In our latest PopToo iOS App, we added new feature and fixed issues. The main feature we’ve added is opening or closing group of continuous check-ins from a PopToo Friend.

Until there are more number of PopToo Friends, actively checking-in their favorite songs and make the Timeline to have more variety, some PopToo Friends who check-in occasionally using Manual Check-in will have their songs easily ignored by other PopToo Friends who might only see the continuous check-ins.

Since manual check-ins DO HAVE clear intention for sharing the favorite songs of PopToo Friends, we believe treating them a little differently will be actually fair. Later, we probably bring new feature to allow these Manual Check-in to be more recognizable.

For now, bringing grouping feature seems to be the first in order of enhancing PopToo experience.

Keep playing your favorite songs! New PopToo iOS App is coming!

UPDATED: Review was finished and PopToo 1.1.4 became ready for sale at about 17:00 (UTC) on March 1.


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