PopToo is updated to Version 1.1.5

App Store Link: http://itunes.com/apps/poptoo

We added and changed following feature:

  • ADDED YouTube button to search for the song checked-in by other PopToo Friend
  • CHANGED Twitter Profile button to be on the map
  • CHANGED buttons to use words like History, Nearby/Latest, & Share instead of icons, to be more understandable
  • UPDATED Core Data model
  • FIXED placemark error for showing country or city names for the map view

Wow, this time it took about 5 hours between being In Review and became Ready For Sale. Thanks App Store Reviewers!

Between iTunes Link and YouTube button, we decided to bring YouTube first. Since YouTube has become the media player of the world, we figured it’s better to use YouTube which will give more right result for search term than iTunes, especially for accommodating diverse tastes of music. Because there are many international, non-English speakers from all over the world, we think this is better for now. Also, until iTunes Store in iOS device can provide DIRECT access to its songs through formatted links, what we can provide for now is actually an INDIRECT one, which is not good for user experience. We will examine it more and find the better way to utilize iTunes Link.

We are almost done with adding Foursquare feature and currently we are testing it and other changes against PopToo Server, and updating PopToo Server to work much better. Unless otherwise, we are confident enough to bring Foursquare feature in next update.

For PopToo’s user interface is almost finalized after a few updates, we are designing an effective manual for easier use, especially for new PopToo Friends. If you have any suggestions, such as what should be emphasized or added, please let us know through Twitter: @poptoonet or Email: poptoo@fxceed.com

Keep listening your favorite music with PopToo! Thank you for your support.


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