PopToo fixed problems and updated to Version 1.1.6

PopToo fixed following issues:

  • FIXED crash caused by delayed launching for updating database
  • FIXED profile images in Timeline not being loaded

The critical problem occurred at launch of new version, and caused crashing the app. The main reason for situation was that app was taking too much time to launch, which triggered iOS’ own mechanism to shut down if an app was not loading within certain limit of time.

It wasn’t easy to re-create the situation in our testing device. Every time we launch updated PopToo, it always succeeded, making us wonder if there really is a problem. We could not have noticed until one of PopToo Friend experienced this shutting down at launch and kindly reported to us. Without this report, we wouldn’t take enough time to examine launch process of PopToo more carefully.

What we found as the main reason for delayed launch was that PopToo was fetching saved data too early. Since PopToo had initiated this at launch, before finishing loading the app, the chance it could trigger iOS to shut down the app was too high. Usually, it doesn’t take too long, but it will if the scheme of the database was being updated.

We changed PopToo to fetch saved data as late as possible, after loading the app is finished. After a few tests, we are confident this modification can fix crashing at launch of PopToo iOS app.

The other problem of not loading PopToo Friends’ Twitter user information and profile images were explained in last blog: http://poptoo.tumblr.com/post/3806319390/our-explanation-about-the-error-in-version-1-1-5

Again, we thank our PopToo Friends, who were patient enough to wait for this fix, and supported us with bug reports like above mentioned. Keep listening your favorite music with PopToo!


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