Supporting our PopToo Friends in Japan

If you have noticed, so many PopToo check-ins have been made by our Japanese friends, especially by @abesac and @yukino1230music, since the beginning of PopToo project.

We always appreciated their contribution for making PopToo Timeline to be as highly active as it could be, at the beginning of the project which were not supported by massive strategic marketing.

When the crisis happened in Japan, we were so worried about our PopToo Friends and every people in Japan. It’s always difficult, even without crisis as big as this one, to be forced to have daily activities limited, not being able to enjoy everyday normal stuff.

However fortunately, one of PopToo Friends in Tokyo, Japan started checking-in his favorite songs about two days ago. It’s Auto Check-in enabled ones, indirectly telling us that he is OK and listening to his songs, resting or doing something for himself and others.

We felt something. It made us to appreciate simple things like listening to music even more. How comforting is it to see there can be some moment to be granted for enjoying favorite music! Whatever our Japanese friends listened, we hope it could cheer him up, strengthened him to enjoy his life even in the midst of difficulties.

As a way of supporting our Friends in Japan, I would like to propose our PopToo Friends to try using YouTube button in Detail view to try listening Japanese songs, checked-in by @abesac@yukino1230music, and other Japanese friends. One of PopToo’s mission is to satiate one’s curiosity for what music is being played in different countries like Japan. You’ll enjoy experiencing music shared by actual listeners themselves at the moment, at the place.

Keep listening your favorite music with PopToo!


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