PopToo’s current server status and plan for next update

PopToo server was down for about 22 hours. We are sorry for all our PopToo Friends, who have been trusting our service, whom should never have to worry if it’s working properly. Thank you for your patience, and letting us to know that you care PopToo so much.

We have been busy finishing new update for PopToo. And we were TOO busy to know PopToo server was not working for almost a day.

Currently, we are updating our server to utilize more data for better PopToo experience. Our database attributes are changing to contain Foursquare related information to accommodate more Friends, and to support and prepare for new feature.

For the purpose of supporting different cases such as one PopToo Friend is using both Twitter and Foursquare accounts, we are taking enough to time to minimize any confusion or potential bugs. It’s not so easy to prepare to prevent situations that haven’t happened yet.

Also, we are preparing new and modified feature for My History. Utilizing iOS’ multitasking feature, we will emphasize PopToo’s another great usefulness for keeping records of PopToo Friend’s listening history.

Keep listening your favorite music with PopToo! New update is coming soon!


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