Changes in the developer’s priorities

As many of our PopToo Friends have been noticed, PopToo is actually one man project of fXceed. Though it has been quite challenging, developing a product with all the responsibilities and rights has been exciting and beneficial, especially in finding a new employment recently.

I will be working for a South Korean company, developing iOS apps. It will be better for me to grow as an iOS developer and earn some money to afford means to support myself and my activities, including PopToo. It does not mean I will abandon PopToo project altogether, but simply assign lower priorities due to the importance of taking responsibilities at new company.

The reason for accepting this offer is very simple: To financially support myself, and save money for later activities, especially for PopToo.

Also, I needed to take some time to observe and examine how other apps similar to PopToo are doing. For my resources are limited, it’s important to find the critical niche these apps are not solving for their users, and enhance PopToo to focus on providing the right solutions to these. Perpetual enhancement should be the key feature of PopToo.

Most of all, I would like to keep PopToo as free as it should be, as long as possible. I had thought about using mobile advertisements to support PopToo, but I am still not convinced if it’s the right way. And I think PopToo’s not yet up to the standard to charge new Friends even for the cheapest price. Without needing to worry about making money from PopToo since I am employed, I can support our Friends to keep using PopToo for free. In other words, I let myself to be employed to continue working for PopToo somehow.

So, it will become not so easy to update PopToo iOS App and its service as often as it could have been. However, I will do my best to find enough to time for PopToo and continue supporting my PopToo Friends. You can follow my Twitter account: @petershine and PopToo’s @poptoonet to know how I am doing and ask questions. Even if updates may not be distributed often, you can check out what I am working on and planning for PopToo.

Thank you and keep enjoying your favorite music with PopToo!


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