What’s being prepared for the next version of PopToo

It’s already been a week working for my new company. The company is experienced in developing apps with custom UI, so I think I will learn a lot about designing visually attractive apps. However, for now, I got to help the project, which I haven’t been involved in from the beginning, to be finished on time. It’s daunting to follow up what has been going on and yet I should bring significant contribution to this project to be done successfully.

Anyway, it’s been a very busy week and I must prepare to have another busy week, preventing me to make significant progress on finishing the newest version of PopToo. Without being sure when it will be done, I would just like to share what’s being prepared for the next version.

Version 1.2.x will include Foursquare connection, so you can check-in to the selected place with the formatted text showing the song title and artist name. I am still looking for a way to use Auto Check-in for Foursquare connection. This feature has been promised for long time and I just don’t want to delay anymore. Also, Manual Check-ins will be more distinguishable in Timeline, allowing our PopToo Friends to know what songs are TRULY BELOVED ONES of our PopToo Friends.

I just hope to make some time to focus on fixing unusual bugs additionally and finally share the newest PopToo to our Friends!

Keep enjoying your favorite music with PopToo!


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