PopToo is updated to Version 1.2.2!

PopToo added and upgraded following issues:

  • FINALLY! ADDED: Foursquare Connection
    – You can use both Twitter & Foursquare names.
    – As you SHARE, you can also check-in to Foursquare Places.
    – You can save Foursquare Places into My Area list.
  • UPGRADED: Manual Check-ins to show more information in Timeline.
  • UPGRADED: My History to show check-in progress.
  • ADDED: Hide My Location option to have stronger privacy
  • FIXED: a few bugs

This update meant a lot to me. Because of my responsibilities at the company, I couldn’t spend much time to accelerate updating. When Version 1.2.2 is prepared finally , I was so excited, and even more when App Store approved new PopToo in 30 minutes after reviewing started.

Foursquare connection is added. Now you can use your Foursquare username as your identity, and check-in to Foursquare places with formatted text sharing what music you are listening, just like how you have done with your Twitter connection.

In Timeline, Manual Check-ins of PopToo Friends will be treated differently making it more distinguishable and informative.

For stronger privacy, you can even hide your location. Only an empty map (world map without coordinate) will be shown to others.

Thank you PopToo Friends for actively sharing their favorite songs! It makes me happy everyday to see Timeline being constantly updating.

Keep listening your favorite music with PopToo!


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