New Update is Coming!

While I’ve been busy working for the employer’s projects, I could manage to find time from here and there to fix PopToo iOS App’s performance issues.

Most of the issues were about restoring the app state to be active from being in background. Some are related to saving too much data into Core Data storage, and some are related to doing too many tasks, too many times.

Fortunately, removing unnecessary lines of codes solved most of the issues. I had put these for preventing unexpected problems, but it seems like they can be minimized or replaced by much compact and efficient methods.

New update is coming, waiting for App Store Review to be finished. Also, new ideas for upgrading essential feature is being solidified, to be implemented in the future. I just wish I can have more time to focus on these good ideas.

Again and again, I thank all the highly active PopToo Friends. You are what make PopToo so alive!

Keep listening your favorite music with PopToo!


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