PopToo is updated to Version 1.2.6!

PopToo is updated for following feature:

  • IMPROVED memory management
  • IMPROVED restoring time from being background

Though this update is so similar to the last one, there is a significant change.

Previously, PopToo didn’t limit how much new data can be piled up while it was running. As Check-in history was being kept and new updates from other PopToo Friends’ check-ins were downloaded and saved, the size of these data were growing without limit.

This was bad for performance, especially for restoring PopToo’s last state which could have been suspended due to memory shortage. If the last state had a large data, the time it needed for restoring had to be much longer.

This update will limit object count to be less than 500 for both PopToo Friends’ check-ins and History, keeping the size of data just as same as the initial state of PopToo, when it’s first launched.

Thank you for your patience and support. More updates are coming, as time permits. If you have any questions or want to report an issue, please tweet me at @poptoonet or email me at poptoo@fxceed.com,

Keep listening you favorite music with PopToo!

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